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Heating Installation Birmingham AL

When you’re in the market for a new furnace or heating system, Aux Home Services is here to provide top-quality heating installation in Birmingham paired with industry-leading systems at cost-friendly prices. You want to ensure you’ve got a heating unit that will keep you comfortable during the colder season. We have qualified technicians that can guarantee just that.

Heating Installation Services in Birmingham

Free Estimates and Same-Day Installations

When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll provide you with free estimates on whatever service you require and make time to discuss a plan. We’ll show you heating and furnace models that are most appropriate for your requirements. Our trained professionals can perform same-day heating and furnace installations that ensure the best position for optimum comfort, maximum efficiency, and peak performance.

Furnace Replacement

As is the case with brand new installations, we are proficient at replacing an existing system with a unit you can rely on for years to come. It’s essential to watch out for signs you need a heating or furnace replacement, including things like the age of your system and its overall performance.

Types of Furnaces

Every home is different; every home has different heating needs. We’ll ensure the correct type of furnace is installed in your home. We’ll make recommendations based on your current system, the square footage of your home, and the unique factors of your home’s construction.

There are two main types of furnaces Aux Home Services works with:

  • Electric: Often the cheapest to buy, install, and maintain. They can also often last ten years longer than other furnace types depending on the brand and size. However, this is the most expensive from a utility bill perspective, as electricity is typically more expensive than gas.
  • Gas: Gas is another economical furnace type and often even more efficient than electric installs. It is the most popular way to heat a home. Usage and cost vary depending on demand in your area.

Industry-Leading Brands Backed by Excellent Warranties

At Aux Home Services, we supply the best of the latest systems and technology available. We don’t limit ourselves to one specific brand, so you have more chance to select the one that best fits your space, and we’ll also give you a professional opinion beforehand.

We will further show you the benefits of choosing an energy-efficient system or potential add-ons to complement your existing unit. Written warranties back our services, and our technicians will ensure your space is clean and tidy upon finishing an installation or replacement.

Choose Aux Home Services for Heating Installation in Birmingham

Aux Home Services has been providing for the Birmingham, AL community for over 30 years. Our licensed, experienced technicians specialize in quality services that are prompt, reliable, and professional. In addition, we offer same-day service with 24/7 availability for emergencies to give you added peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to call us should you be met with one.

We hope our free estimates and generous warranties on top of cost-effective service plans with many great benefits are enough to give you confidence that we’ll take care of whatever needs you may have.

Heating System Installation FAQs

What is the Average Life Span of a Heating System?

With proper annual heating maintenance, you can expect your system to last 15 to 20 years. Other factors, like the type of system you have, how often it’s been maintained, and how harsh the winters have been.

What Are the Warning Signs That My Heating System is Failing?

Heating systems that are more than ten years old will start to show some signs of slowing down and losing efficiency. Watch for slower warming, reduced airflow, higher energy bills, strange odors, and loud noises.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Many factors contribute to needing to replace your furnace. Common factors include the age of your furnace, its ability to heat your home, how often it needs repairs, and how much it costs to heat your home.

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