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Five Ways to Prep Your Home for Your Vacation

Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? Many people are polishing their travel plans with schools set to let out soon and the weather starting to warm up. Whether you’re going on the trip of a lifetime out of the country or you’re just planning on seeing family in another state, it’s not uncommon to be worried about your home and your precious property inside. Especially when something could go wrong on a moment’s notice and you wouldn’t find out until you returned home unless you have someone keeping an eye on your home for you.

However, keeping an eye on your home today is easier than ever thanks to new technology which helps you monitor some of your home’s most important systems. On top of that, this technology can even help you save energy, ensuring that you aren’t going to pay dearly on your next energy bill for consuming energy that you weren’t even home to use yourself. Here are five devices which can help you avoid an emergency and even save money on your bills while you’re traveling.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are perhaps the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your heating and cooling system. Generally ranging in price between about $100 and $300, these systems can help you save a bundle on your energy costs by carefully monitoring the temperature throughout your home and adjusting themselves to save energy while keeping your temperature consistent. Many of these thermostats are also Wi-Fi connected, which gives them the ability to factor in the weather outside into their calculations, and even give you the ability to control them from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app. Forget to turn off the air conditioner before leaving? Not a problem!

Leak Smart Water Monitors

We’ve heard horror stories of homeowners leaving to go on vacation, only to have a pipe burst or a serious leak develop while they were away. When they return home days or even weeks later, their home is flooded, their flooring and furniture is ruined, and their foundation has suffered damage as well. But what if there was a way you could immediately be made aware of plumbing leaks, even ones you couldn’t see otherwise? A Leak Smart water monitor does just that. This sensor connects to your water line and carefully detects water flow to detect if you have a leak. These systems even send emails or notifications to your smartphone, and give you the ability to shut off your water remotely to protect your home and prevent serious damage from happening.

Water Heater Timers

A water heater timer can save you a bundle on your energy costs by shutting off your water heater when nobody will be home and then turning it on again shortly before people are expected to be home. This means you won’t have to continually pay to keep your water warm but will still enjoy hot water when you need it. These timers can help you when you travel as well—by turning the temperature down and then programming your heater not to run for a good period of time each day, you’ll keep your tank in good health while saving energy. And when you consider your water heater accounts for as much as 12 percent of your annual energy consumption, that’s a big savings.

Water Saving Faucets & Showerheads

Water saving faucets and showerheads can help you save a ton on your energy costs by reducing the amount of water they consume when used. Whether it’s a bathroom faucet, low-flow toilet, or convenient showerhead, these devices are designed to be big energy savers. But how do they help you when you travel? Well they’re also really good at avoiding leaks. Low-flow faucets and showerheads are designed to reduce the amount of water that flows through them, which means they’re less prone to unwanted drips and leaks that waste water while you’re away.

Motion Lights

Motion lights are great for keeping your home secure because they give the appearance that your home is still occupied. Lights that turn on and off periodically make potential criminals question whether or not your home might be occupied, a risk many don’t want to take. However, these lights also eliminate the cover of darkness that many potential thieves or others who wish to break into your home use to try and get access to your home. Putting these lights on a further timer only adds to the confusion, as it becomes extra difficult to determine whether or not the owners are currently home.

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