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Electrical Safety Inspection – It’s Needed Now

These days phrases like Social Distancing and Shelter-In-Place Mandates make one thing abundantly clear. We’re all going to be spending a lot of time at home. E-Learning for schools, working remotely for jobs and let’s not forget the meals, video streaming and video gaming that will take place during this time. Are you ready? Probably not! I mean, elementary school math is going to bring us all to our knees. And while Aux Home Services may not be ready to help with equation, WE’RE ALWAYS READY to meet your electrical needs. Let’s face your home’s energy level is about to get a full workout with no stretching. This is without a doubt the necessary time to make sure your electricity is running safely.

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Why it’s important – AUX Electrical Safety Inspection?

Less chance of electrical shocks.

While we can’t keep your child from sticking a hair pin in an outlet, having an inspection can reduce the chances of minor shocks happening to you or your loved ones. Electrical overloading, faulty outlets, wiring, or another electrical issues can all be the culprit behind the shock and it is crucial to try and catch these issues before someone is injured.

Less chance of an electrical fire.

Our home is our haven and we want it to feel safe. Faulty or outdated wiring is one of the leading causes of home fires across the country. Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year and also account for around 1.3 billion in property damage. An electrical safety inspection can help reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

You are up to date with the latest electrical codes.

Technology is always improving and that means changes to our electrical codes also. An electrical inspection will make sure your home is operating at the highest level of safety according to the professionals. Making sure you stay on top of these changes can also save you a headache and money in the future if you ever need to have major electrical work done or you are looking to sell your home.

What is covered – AUX Electrical Safety Inspection?

Our professionals will inspect your main electrical panel, utilities, branch circuit wiring, and also inspect the Life Safety Equipment that includes smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. This comes with the peace of mind that knowing your family is safe and that your home can handle the demands your energy use is putting on it!

Signs of Electrical Issues in Your Home


Warm or Sparking Outlets, Switches, and Ceiling Fans

While the sparking seems like a no brainer that you need a professional inspection, you may not notice that your switches are warmer when you touch them. Take a minute to check switches and outlets to see how warm they are to the touch. As difficult as it may be to check the area around your ceiling fan, it’s a good thing to do. Possible issues with warm around a ceiling fan are insufficient insulation or exceeding bulb wattages. Both pose fire hazards in your home.

Buzzing sounds or flickering lights

Outlets and switches should operate silently. Buzzing, cracking or sizzling sounds are red alerts for problems and should be turned off immediately and addressed by a professional. In the same manner, flickering lights usually indicate a power surge. These surges are more than likely coming from demands of your larger appliances. They can take a toll over time on both appliances and electrical fixtures. It may be time to upgrade your wiring.

Arc Faults

When electricity veers off its intended path an arc fault occurs. If you have ever seen one, they are scary! These should be addressed ASAP as they are a frequent cause of electrical fires. Arc Faults can be prevented by the installation of an ACFI (arc fault circuit interrupter) These are especially important in older homes prone to wire degradation.

Counterfeit Electrical Products

It is so tempting when you find that a great deal at the flea market on those extension cords or power strips at ridiculously low prices. There is a reason they are so inexpensive, and it is because they are cheaply and unsafely made! (Our government and industry standards are very high on these!) These counterfeit electrical items pose a dangerous threat to your home. Never settle on your family’s safety. (If you are worried you have a counterfeit product, look for the Underwriter’s Laboratory Seal on the product. All the details can be found here.)

Broken light switches and loose outlets

If you have an outlet or switch that does not work at all or only works randomly, these are potential fire hazards. They also have a higher chance of shocking you!

Unusual or Funny Odors

New appliances often have a different smell when first installed but if you find unusual smells coming from an outlet, that is bad news! Unplug it immediately and call a professional. The same applies to breakers and fuse boxes.

Rodent Droppings

Yep its gross enough to see rat and mice droppings in your home but to know they may be nibbling on your wiring causing electrical issues is too much. Look for droppings in your attic, basement, or around electrical issues and then check the wiring. If you are worried about a rodent infestation, call our friends at Terminix to help you treat the problem.

Circuit Breaker Problems

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when a circuit is overloaded. This prevents overheating and eliminates fire hazards. While occasional tripping indicates a simple overload, repeated tripping needs to be addressed.

These are trying times and Aux Home Services is here to help! Taking the time to have an electrical safety inspection can ensure one of the few things we can control right now… feeling safe in our own home. Contact us today to get it scheduled.

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