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What’s In Your Water?

Think all water is the same? Nope… not even close. The truth is, tap water is different depending on your location. You’ve probably tasted or even felt a difference when you’ve visited another city. Personally, I can’t even order water when I go to the beach… JUST GROSS.

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Some of these differences are harmless, but not all. So, let’s find out more!

Want to know about your H2O? Who you gonna call? The Environmental Working Group (EWG). Well, not call as much as visit their website. They spill the beans to the general public with information about the different water facilities across America. Every two years, municipalities are required to disclose their water reports, and EWG compiles that information and displays it for everyone. It’s that easy for you to find out what you may be drinking. It may also explain why I have enough lime build up for 1000 margaritas!

According to EWG’s Tap Water Database, the number one contaminant in Alabama is Total Trihalomethanes or TTHMS. TTHMS has been found in 468 different utilities around Alabama and can lead to bladder cancer, skin cancer, and can have negative effects on fetal growth and development.

In the Metro Birmingham Area alone, two utilities were found to have violation points. Parker Creek Water Company in Birmingham had 5 violation points and Northwest St. Clair Water System in Springville had 1. Despite these levels being above the medical recommendation of what is safe, they are completely within the limits of what is legal. Like, it’s legal to jump off your roof using an umbrella for a parachute. I just wouldn’t call it safe! In fact, it’s very unsettling to think that it’s legal for tap water to include contaminants that have been linked to cancer.

Aux Home Services has a way to protect you and your family. To combat this issue, we suggest the HALO Water System. The HALO Water System is a whole home system, not just a point of use system. That means no matter what faucet you use your water will be filtered. That’s cleaner water for both drinking and bathing. Your car will even benefit as the HALO system also removes hard water and will reduce water spots when washing your car. Here’s to the shiniest car on the block!

How does it work? Well, here’s some boring but overly important info as to why we think the HALO system is the best. HALO has a unique five-step filtration system that ensures you have the cleanest water possible. First the water is filtered through Granular Activated Carbon which removes chloramines, gases, dyes, fuels, heavy metals and more. Next water is run through Centaur High Activity Carbon which reduces free chlorine from water supplies meaning you’ll have fresh water with no taste or odor. Step 3 contains Filter-AG Plus which removes water turbidity. Water is then filtered through a High-Density Garnet Filter which effectively filters down to the 10-20-micron range and provides support for the previous filters. Finally, your water will be filtered through the HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner which alters the molecular structure of dissolved calcium and magnesium which means that these hard water minerals won’t cause lime scale that attacks your pipes and appliances. Admit it, that totally went over your head, right? Let’s just say it’s the real deal.

Remember, our goal is for you to have the safest, cleanest water possible. If you feel the HALO Water System is right for your family or if you’d like further information, Contact Us. We’d love the opportunity to further explain our services and the benefits of the HALO Water System.

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