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Duct Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

Your home’s ductwork delivers heated and cooled air to every room in your house, so the cleanliness of your ducts greatly impacts your indoor air quality. Over time, dirt, debris, dust, allergens, and other contaminants can build up in your ducts. When that happens, you may notice several signs that it’s time to have the ducts cleaned in your Birmingham home:

Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

  • Your air filters get dirty quickly.
  • You notice dirt or dust around your air vents.
  • You seem to have an unusual amount of dust in your home.
  • You’ve had (or currently have) an insect or rodent infestation.
  • Your or others in your household are experiencing respiratory problems.

Aux Home Services Duct Cleaning

Dusty ductwork full of debris not only impacts your indoor air quality, it also damages your heating and cooling systems. Built-up dirt and dust forces your system to work harder in order to move air efficiently, and this can wear your equipment down and impact its performance. A professional duct cleaning from Aux Home Services will clean and disinfect your ducts so that clean air can flow freely throughout your home. When you call Aux Home Services for duct cleaning services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having your ducts cleaned:

  • Less dust in your home
  • Reduced levels of mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Better performance from your heating and cooling systems
  • Lower energy bills due to increased HVAC efficiency
  • Fresher, better smelling indoor air
  • Reduced symptoms of allergies and asthma

During a normal home duct cleaning, we will inspect your entire HVAC system to determine the extent of the debris buildup. Then we use a powerful vacuum to remove dirt and debris from deep inside your ducts. Finally, we use compressed air to flush your system, ridding it of any remaining dirt, dust, or contaminants. You’ll notice the difference in your home air quality immediately!

Vent Cleaning Service in Birmingham, AL

Your clothes dryer vents hot air from a tube in the back of the unit and sends it to a vent on the side of your house. You clean your dryer’s filter after every use, but lint still builds up in your dryer vents over time. This lint can impact the performance of your dryer if it builds up so much that your machine can’t push enough air out. The moist environment it creates is ideal for mold and mildew, presenting a health hazard. It’s also a preventable fire risk; dryer vents packed with lint are responsible for around 3,000 house fires per year!

Choose Aux Home Services for Duct Cleaning in Birmingham

If you’re ready for cleaner air and better-performing heating, cooling, and clothes drying equipment, call Aux Home Services for professional duct and vent cleaning. Our friendly technicians will arrive on time and work with efficiency to clean your home’s ducts and vents. With our upfront pricing, you’ll know the full price to have your ductwork cleaned before any work begins, and you can rest assured knowing that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

30 years of excellence has made Aux Home Services the trusted choice in thousands of homes and businesses in Birmingham, so join your neighbors and find out why they choose us for all their plumbing, electrical, and HVAC solutions.

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