Sewer Repair and Maintenance

No one enjoys dealing with a sewer line problem on their property. Broken or clogged sewer pipes can create messy, wet, and unsanitary conditions in and around your Hoover, AL, area home or business. If your sewer line cracks or leaks, it needs immediate attention.

At Aux Home Services, we look forward to diagnosing your sewer problem and offering you the best repair, cleaning, and maintenance solutions. Contact us for timely service to resolve your sewer issue and restore your system to top condition. Aux Home Services has provided reliable plumbing services to Alabama many homes and businesses. We specialize in water heaters, drain clogs, toilet repairs, faucet repairs, and other services. Call us today about your next plumbing project.

  • Hoover, AL, Sewer Maintenance

    At Aux Home Services, we recommend an annual cleaning to keep waste from building up in your sewer line. We offer hydro jetting, which sends a powerful blast of water through the sewer pipe to flush sludge, grease, and other materials.

    Hydro jetting is ideal for a structurally sound sewer line. We can suggest an alternative cleaning method for an older, weakened pipe that cannot withstand high-pressure water jetting.

    You can help keep your sewer pipe free of clogs. Avoid putting nonflushable products in your toilet, and refrain from pouring grease down sink drains.

    Aux Home Services offers all our customers a convenient Always Ready Plan to handle all your maintenance efficiently and professionally. Sign up today and enjoy some peace of mind when it comes to the plumbing equipment inside your home or business.

  • Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

    You can't see your sewer line fail because it runs under your property, out of view. However, plumbing fixtures and drains in your home can offer some clues about sewer damage.

    For example, waste flowing from your floor drain, shower, or toilet is a warning sign your sewer line may need repair. It is a good idea to at least have it inspected.

    Other signs your sewer line needs repair:

    - Sinks, tubs, and showers all drain slowly. If just one drain is slow, there may be a clog in that drain, but several slow drains point to a more extensive issue.
    - Toilet backups may signal a sewer problem.
    - Drains that emit sewer odors should prompt a closer look.
    - Water-logged, sinking, or lush green portions of your lawn, especially areas near your sewer line, may indicate a leak.

    Our knowledgeable plumbers at Aux Home Services consider these indicators when diagnosing your sewer line problem. We also use sewer line inspection technology to help assess the issue.

Sewer Repair Options

We can diagnose the problem accurately and provide the best solution after looking at the inside of your sewer line. We offer traditional and trenchless methods for repair and replacement.

  • Traditional Method

    We excavate in your front yard to access the damaged sewer line. This method may involve digging in your driveway or uprooting some landscaping to uncover it.

    We know how stressful and inconvenient sewer problems can be. Our qualified pros complete repairs efficiently and safely. We make every effort to finish the job as quickly as possible while minimizing disturbances.

  • Trenchless Method

    This repair process is less invasive than the traditional method. We dig two holes at each end of the damaged sewer line rather than excavate your property. Repair options include pipe lining or pipe bursting techniques.

    Pipe lining involves placing a lining and resin coating inside the damaged sewer line. The materials adhere to the inside of the pipe and harden within a few hours.

    The pipe bursting method uses a tool that destroys the damaged sewer line as it simultaneously places a new pipe.

Call the Experts for Sewer Repair

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