• Electrical Installation and Upgrade

    When you are looking for new or upgraded wiring, whether it's a breaker panel or wiring your entire garage, our electrical team is prompt in response. We will work around your lifestyle to minimize any disruptions.

    Our licensed electricians follow the National Electric Code (NEC) legal guidelines that set the premier safety standards for American homeowners. Talk to us about what our Aux Home Services team can do for you.

    If you are in need of financing, let's discuss the financing options we have available to help.

  • Electrical Construction

    Are you thinking about a new home improvement project? Whether you're constructing a new home or an addition, our team can help. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is helping families build their dream homes.

    At Aux Home Services, we regularly work with other contractors on home construction projects, from design to completion, to install first-rate electric systems. Our mantra is to get it done right the first time, so your project is complete on its due date, well within its budget.

    We offer fantastic lighting layouts. Whether you're looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen or mood lighting on your back deck, we have satisfying solutions for everyone.

  • Electrical Rewiring

    If you think your home electrical system is malfunctioning, schedule immediate assistance.

    Common issues include water leaks, poor manufacturing/wiring, or a blown fuse. All of these issues pose a potential risk to your home safety, so it's critical you address them as soon as possible.

    We provide a speedy response and safe service to get your home electrical system back on track.

    If you have older wiring, or you just moved into a home that needs new wiring, give our Aux Home Services team a call. If you're not licensed, don't try to do it yourself. One wrong move could put your safety at risk.

  • Fuse-to-Breaker Conversions

    Is your Alabama home still running on a fuse box? If so, it's time to update. Modern households use more electricity than most fuses can handle. We recommend switching to a breaker.

    Breaker panels can handle higher voltage levels. Plus, if there are any electrical issues, the breaker will trip, cutting off electricity to the source. This feature protects you from getting shocked, your wiring from damage, and your home from electrical fires.

Call Aux Home Services Today for All Your Electrical Needs

When you need an electrical installation or upgrade, repairs, or maintenance, our Birmingham, AL, area office is just down the street. Call Aux Home Services at 205-634-3911 or request service online with any questions or to schedule an appointment.