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Saying Goodbye to 2019: Tips for Hosting Your New Year’s Eve Party

Christmas Vacation is almost over and we know you are DONE! We happy danced with you when the elf finally went back to the North Pole and we grieved with you when Great Aunt Martha spilled her red wine on your couch as she squealed out “Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!” We arrived as called when your husband plugged in one too many strings of Christmas Lights and blew out all the fuses in your house.
When your child thought it would be fun to let all her gingerbread men cookies go swimming in the toilet, our crew came out and fixed the clog and when your HVAC decided it was tired of switching from heat to cool to heat to cool because of our crazy Alabama weather, we showed up to repair it (and help you get your sanity back!)

We are here because that’s what we do. For over 30 years, we have shown up and we will keep on showing up to help you do life. We know you call us when there is a problem and we are honored to be your problem solvers.

2019 may have been…let’s say…trying for you, so as a parting gift we wanted to leave you with some simple tips for hosting a New Year’s Eve party. Don’t worry though-if your best friend helps you “clean up” by flushing glitter and streamers down the toilet, we will still be there to repair the mess!

Happy New Year from all of us at AUX Home Services!

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Tips for Hosting Your New Year’s Eve Party

1. Set the vibe of your party. Consider what your guests will see, smell and hear when they walk into the party. New Year’s Eve is all things brightly colored and glittery, the sounds of tinkling glasses & silly noisemakers, and overall wild fun! Be sure to use bold colors with metallic gold or silvers in your decor and have plenty of noisemakers nearby for the stroke of midnight and a great playlist going in the background. The smells can be influenced by a special scented candle, roaring fire or the foods you’ll be cooking/serving.

2. Set up a drink station. Whether it is a bar cart decked out, a sideboard or a coffee table, having a drink station set up helps your guests know they are welcome and that they can relax. Your drink station can carry anything from sodas to mocktails to a signature drink. Just don’t go too crazy if your mixology skills are not the best. Keep it simple and choose drinks that will please the majority of your guests for the evening. (Money saving tip: choose a mix that will let you use up any Christmas booze you may have left.) A special punch (and maybe one for drivers that night also. Be sure to label them!) can really get your guests moving!

3. Games: Chances are you have stressed a little bit on how to expertly entertain the crowd you are hosting. Well, STOP. If you relax, your guests will relax also. You can organize ice breaker games, card games, karaoke, and a dance floor, but let them happen organically! Put the games out and the people will come!

4. Be prepared for anything! Some guests may end up staying over after partying until after midnight. Have extra blankets and pillows available and tidy up the guest room. Be flexible and show hospitality to your guests! You never know when you might need them to repay the favor and let you crash at their house! Remember, anytime you open your home up to others, things happen.

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