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What Ways Should Your Ceiling Fan Spin in the Winter

If My Fan is Spinning a Certain Way, Is It More Efficient

At Aux Home Services, we know most people know that ceiling fans can dramatically cool down a room, but did you know that they can also be used to trap in heat? Proper use of your ceiling fan during the winter months can help you keep your home warmer and help you cut your energy costs. How? It’s as simple as switching the fan blade turning direction!

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To keep a room (or multiple rooms) warmer during the winter, make sure your ceiling fan blades rotate clockwise. In contrast, you’ll want to make sure they’re spinning counter-clockwise for maximum cooling in the summer. Typically, you can switch the rotation of the blades via a small switch located on the base of the ceiling fan itself. Always turn off the fan before switching the fan blade rotation and consult the manual for directions on how to find the switch.

Why Clockwise-Spinning Blades Keep You Warm

In the most basic terms, the purpose of ceiling fans is to move air within a room. Hot air naturally rises, which means that when you run your heater during the winter, all that warm air will automatically move towards the ceiling. The shape and angle of the blades are designed to push heated air out to the walls and back down toward the ground when the blades spin clockwise. This helps to make the entire room feel warmer, in turn keeping you and your family comfortable and cozy.

How Your Ceiling Fan Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency

When a cold front hits, it can be tempting to run your heater non-stop to stay warm. In fact, keeping your home warm is crucial to your overall health and safety. But, you can get more out of your heating system when you use your ceiling fan to trap heated air lower to the ground.

Some of the benefits of switching your ceiling fan to spin in a clockwise direction during the winter include:

  • Up to 15% savings on heating costs
  • Warmer-feeling rooms, leading to less heater usage
  • Improved indoor comfort and safety
  • Reduced need to use electric blankets/space heaters
  • Reduced cost of heating fuel

There is one exception, and that’s if your ceiling fan is mounted on a vaulted ceiling or two-story cathedral ceiling. In such instances, the fan is too high to create a noticeable draft, and can therefore remain in a counter-clockwise rotation all year.

For more tips on keeping your space warm and your energy costs low this winter, or to schedule heating services in the Birmingham area, call AUX Home Services at 205-979-0946 or use our online form!

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