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Top 5 Signs Your Drains Need Clearing Sooner Than Later

The drains in your home are a crucial part of the entire plumbing system and pipework. Not only do they play the important role of allowing water and small particulates to wash away, but they also serve as your early warning system that your home has a plumbing problem. When things start going wrong, you can usually notice it first at sink, bath, or toilet drain. Indeed, there are a few telltale signs that you need drain clearing services immediately, or close to it.

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Five signs that your drains and plumbing system is problematic are:

1. Slow drain:

None of the drains in your home are designed to drain water away slowly. If your sink is taking a long minute to get rid of all the water, even after you just wash your hands, there is probably a bad clog just out of sight.

2. Backflow:

Have you noticed that water bubbles out of one drain while you are using another? For example, does your bathroom sink get backflow whenever you take a shower? This is often caused by air being trapped in the plumbing due to a significant clog or a rupture in the pipe.

3. Clockwork clogs:

A drain that clogs once in a blue moon might not be reason to get worried, as long as it is corrected readily. However, a drain that clogs routinely is indicative of a bigger problem in the piping of your home.

4. Foul odors:

You might notice bad smells coming out of drains, not just toilets, if there is a clog or damage in the pipe. You may even notice a foul stench in one of your yards, where the pipes run beneath the soil.

Yard muddying: Speaking the areas outside your home, the biggest red flag on this list is unexplained and foul-smelling puddles in your yard. This is an indicator that a pipe has ruptured under the ground, flooding the soil above it. If this is related to a toilet’s drain, then you might have a biohazard on your property. Call a plumber right away!

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