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When Less is More – COLD Showers are gone forever!

A long workday followed by your evening activities and chores… makes you want to crawl into bed just thinking about it. And let’s be honest, sometimes you do! The only thing getting you through is knowing a nice warm bubble bath awaits. But what happens when that “me” time turns into “flee” time? As in you are literally hopping out of the tub or shower to escape the cold water. You start rethinking your options, that’s what. You blame the kids, your spouse, the dishwasher a washing machine. All thieves stealing just a bit of the joy you thought was waiting. But the real culprit is the limits a tank water heater places on your household. So, what if there was a way to never run out of hot water again? No this isn’t a fairytale… although there is a happy ending. It’s called a Tankless Water Heater. Here are some of the amazing benefits of this lifechanging addition.

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Endless Hot Water (Yes it’s really endless!)

Tankless water heaters provide almost instant and definitely endless hot water. When you turn on the hot water handle, it begins to flow through the heating element and triggering sensors. The water is flashheated to the temperature you desire. The best part? As long as the water is running, it will be hot. No more tanks running out and having to wait for your tank to refill.

Energy Efficient (Saves you $$ each month)

A traditional tank heater fills with water, heats the water and stores it (maintaining that heat) until you need it. That means all day long when you are working or out running errands, it is heating the same water. That means all night while you are sleeping, it is also heating the water. A constant amount of work is being done by your water heater tank whether it is actively being used or not. (You are paying for that electricity or gas too) A tankless water heater only uses its energy or gas when actively heating your water (which is only at the time it is needed.) This makes it extremely energy efficient and saves you money! It saves you 15-35% on your utility bill depending on gas or electric. That money can really add up!

Much Smaller in Size (More room for you!)

Tankless water heaters are much smaller in size than traditional tank heaters. They are mounted right on the wall. Think of what you could do with 4-5 more cubic feet of space in your attic, basement, or garage! Oh and since you don’t have a huge tank full of water at your house, it cannot leak or rupture damaging your property.

Tankless Water Heaters Last Longer (20+ years!)

A traditional tank water heater usually lasts around 10-12 years before it needs replacing. They usually have around a 6 year warranty with the manufacturer. Tankless Water heaters last 20 plus years and the Noritz EZ Series we install has a 25 year warranty on it!

Easy Installation! (really!)

Let’s be clear that not all tankless water heaters are easily installed. Some require special outfitting to connect to your gas or electric EXCEPT for us. The Noritz EZ tankless water heater that we install is made to connect seamlessly to your existing gas or electric, and your venting system. No extra expenses for modifications have to be made. These are specifically designed to replace a tanked water heater with ease.

But the cost…(let’s talk about that)

Yes, a tankless water heater does cost more than a tanked water heater, but don’t forget all the things you just read about above like saving 15-35% on your utility bill each month, a 25 year warranty vs a 10 year replacement on a tank, and no additional modification charges with the EZ Fit Installation. Also the fact that you will never again run out of hot water again! While a traditional tank heater may cost less up front, you are still paying for it every month in higher utility bills, maintenance fees, and then replacing it completely around ten years.

AUX Home Services has 30 years experience behind us. If you are ready to enjoy all the amazing benefits of a tankless water heater in your home, if your current tank heater is nearing the end of its age, or if you simply want to find out even more, contact one of our AUX Tankless Hot Water Experts today.

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